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Tony de Schulz

Master student [@]

Tony finished his excellent Master's thesis, and started his Ph.D. with our close collaborator and next-door research group the Department of Systems Physiology of Learning here at LIN (link)

It was a pleasure, Tony! Keep on rocking!


Quinn Waselenchuk

Master student

qwaselen [@]

Quinn came to us from the lab of Klaus Ballanyi @ the University of Alberta, Edmonton Canada. He was interested to explore optogenetically-defined inputs to the LC and how they impact the rhythmic activity of the nucleus.


Shristi Baral

Master student

shristi.baral [@]

Shristi defended her Master's thesis and now started a Ph.D. in the group of Computational Modeling of Human Cognition @ Aalto University in Finland (link).

Good luck Shristi!


Iris Juarez Leal

EMBO student

ijuarez [@]

Iris joined us for three month as a short-term EMBO fellow from the Instituto de Neurociencias Alicante. She was eager to learn everything on optogenetics from viral injections to implants to behavior. She will now use her new skills in her Ph.D. project to stimulate septal outputs to the lateral habenula. 


Daniel Giffney 

Ph.D. student
giffneyd [@]

Daniel left us after too many hurdles to get his neuroscience bachelor's degree from Ireland accepted here in Germany to begin his fast-track Ph.D.  He is now in Edinburgh in Peter Kindle's lab.


Damaris Holder

Ph.D. student

damaris.holder [@]

Unexpectedly, Damaris decide to leave us. She now joints the lab of Prof. S. Remy - good luck Damaris!


Stefanie Hillert

Lab Manager (2018 - 2019)

stefanie.hillert [@]

Stefanie changed her name (Bühnemann) and is now on maternal leave. She will be starting a new job with a long-term contract at the Landeskriminalamt Sachsen-Anhalt in Magdeburg.

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